ENT 6 – NewYork/Peccioli ENT project lands in New York

The last major twinning of the 6 planned for ENTproject 6 continents finally comes to close the long and ambitious three-year project begun at the Venice Architecture Biennale.
The work hosted at the Institute of Technology in New York City (Long Island) cross-references environmental air data with the city of Peccioli (and Livorno), at the Foundation for the Arts, home to the twin obelisk.
“ENT6 Peccioli/NewYork” represents the sixth and final stage of this long and ambitious project that started in 2021 at the Venice Architecture Biennale, hosted precisely in that Italian Pavilion “Resilient Communities” supported by the Peccioli Foundation for the Arts, which contributed to its debut in connection with the farthest continent, Oceania, by crossing the noise pollution of the port of Venice with that at the antipodes of the port of Auckland in New Zealand.

With North America, after Africa, South America, Asia and Europe, the artist symbolically closes a circle by returning to collaborate with the Tuscan reality, an ideal exhibition venue for operations that move between art, science and environmental correlations, as an internationally recognized pioneering model in the field of architectural ecology and urban resilience.
In Peccioli, therefore, it will be possible to see the light installation prompted by the flow of data on New York’s air quality from overseas collected over the past year, as well as a canvas depicting its visualized digital subject.
Conversely, in New York, at the Institute of Technology’s exhibition venue, the sister installation will be prompted by data collected on the air quality of Livorno, the sample city with the greatest environmental impact among those near the Valdera region where Peccioli itself is located.

Here are the two releases of this important international art event:

Institute of Technology – New York


Municipality of Peccioli, Belvedere SPA and Peccioliper l’Arte Foundation


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