Born in Treviso, Italy, on August 7th, 1971, graduated in painting from the Venice Art  Academy in 1996, Zannier is a visual artist, musician, songwriter and performer.

One of the main features of his work is to develop the concept of his album both in the visual arts and in the writing, with exhibitions, concerts, publications and events. The artist’s biography grows uniformly between these different forms of expression.

As artist he has made numerous solo art exhibitions in Italy, Hungary, France, Germany and recently in Beijing, Biennale China – Italy 2014, and in Torino,  Biennale Italy – China  2015 in group with Ai Wei Wei, Alessandro Mendini, Maurizio Cattelan and Michelangelo Pistoletto.

Under the artistically evocative pseudonym Ottodix has published five albums, a “best of” and a live DVD. In 2013 he has published a book of short stories between the visionary and the autobiographical, written as well as illustrated by himself.

He has collaborated, published and opened the concert with important Italian musicians.

Zannier inaugurates the first retrospective exhibition in Verona (ARTantide Gallery) in 2014, with the installation “Chimera 6″ which is part of the “Chimera” project, which includes an album and various installations in the city of Italy and the world dedicate to the failed utopias of the twentieth century.

In June 2015 at the Biennale Italia-China 2015 in Turin, Zannier presents the impressive “Chimera 7, the utopia of atomic power”, a giant, transparent, inflatable atomic mushroom looming above the sculpture of a blue Japanese child, gigantic inflatable atomic mushroom that points the finger at the environmental tragedies, from Hiroshima to Fukushima, even promoting it with the support of the environmentalists of Sea Shepherd and exhibiting himself with piano and string quartet.

In 2016 he presents in Beijing the new digital project “Micromega”, with a big work with the same title. He sing in front of the Chinese television performing “Planisfera”, a track from the forthcoming album “Micromega”,  in 2017. The release of this album will be accompanied by a series of exhibitions and concert-show, a mix of music, art and science.

The new project “Entanglement” was announced in 2019 with a first installation at the Biennale of Curitiba (Brazil) inspired by it, entitled “Dispersioni” twinned with a work exhibited since 18 January 2020 at the Archaeological Naturalistic Museum of Vicenza. The self-titled album released in full pandemic by Covid19, acclaimed by critics and university circuits for its prophetic contents on global hyperconnection and its problems, on the concept of “quantum sea” and on ancient and digital navigation, is already the subject of interest in new start apps dedicated to interdisciplinary concerts, including performances, popularization, pop and visual arts, as well as competing for relevant international exhibitions with the ambitious project “ENT” on the correlations of the antipodes.


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