Here are the full pictures and videos of the presentation of “ENT-1 Venice / Auckland at the Italian Pavilion” Resilient Communities “at the Venice Biennale on July 15th. Full video also for the performance of the Ottodix Ensemble live with the University of Auckland which hosts the twin installation at the antipodes

Alessandro Zannier at the Italian Pavilion of the 2021 Architecture Biennale “Resilient Communities”, with the “ENT1″ project, also supported by the CNR Ismar of Venice, the European Cultural Center, the Galata del Mare Museum in Genoa, the Diocesan Museum of Vicenza and the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

The work “ENT1″, which reflects on the immediate correlations of phenomena on a global scale, consists of a luminous obelisk exhibited at the Biennale from July 15, in direct contact with a twin work at the antipodes, sent to New Zealand, at the University of Auckland, with which environmental data on the sound pollution of the seas are exchanged, displayed through suggestive 3D animations in real time.
This art installation was inspired by the concept album “Entanglement” released in 2020,

Here the videos of the presentation of the work and the musical performance at the Biennale (adapted to the spaces of the Italian Pavilion)
ENT1 – Venice Auckland Italian Pavilion Venice Biennale 20211 – Introduction

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