At the Venice Biennale, Italian Pavilion, with installation “Ent1″ in connection with Auckland + concert

“ENT-1″ is a project by the conceptual artist and musician-performer Alessandro Zannier, (aka Ottodix in the music industry).

It is the first of a series of connections among remote places. These connections take place sending “twin” video installations, with the function of ideal repeaters, to host venues that are able to collaborate sharing big environmental or statistical data streams from their own home areas and, in turn, to receive them. This cross-flow environmental data generates two respective digital images as the result of the parameters given by the human swarm’s impact on the environment. These images will be visualized on each premises

The environmental data chosen concerns the marine noise pollution, in this case Auckland harbor’s and Venice one’ s, with its well-known large ships issue.

The vessel traffic flow and its devastating impact on the sea life biorhythms create and nourish this 3d shape similar to a spatiotemporal organism, made of human event recordings on a global scale, unveiling a shape of a ‘hyperobject’ otherwise invisible.

The first twinning, which is baptizing the project, is the most ambitious and the farthest and it involves the antipodes. We mean Venice and Auckland University in New Zealand, that is a partner of the operation.

The artist, invited by the curator Alessandro Melis, is being hosted in the event hall of Padiglione Italia on 15th July to perform in a music show, but mainly to present the video installation ENT1 at Peccioli area.

Partnerships and exhibitions generated by this event

The findings of the underwater noises, recorded by some hydrophones placed in the basins of the two harbours, poles apart, were realized in collaboration with CNR – ISMAR (Marine Institute) of Venice. Not only has this organisation given support and has sponsored the event, it is also hosting an important personal collection of works on canvas, inspired by the installation presented in Padiglione Italia, in its beautiful ISMAR spaces from 13th June to 31st July. Due to Covid restrictions, the exhibition is staged and opened behind closed doors at the Arsenal and it can be visited both by the artist’s websites and CNR – ISMAR’ s one.

The artist made a series of acrylics on canvas portraying some frames from the “digital creature – organism” taken from the installation, as if they were still life paintings of an object on a spatial-temporal scale. A human physical organism just visible by a digital statistical mediation, giving the paintings a drama that takes them back and reconnect them with the Renaissance traditional depiction. This puts back the Anthropocene man- phenomenon at the center of the world, as a collective individual and no longer as a single.

These canvases and an accurate work on the acoustic landscape of the two harbours have led to other independent events where the artist will exhibit and will perform, further developing the project “ENT-1″.

In addition to this exhibition, another one is indeed scheduled in ARTantide art gallery in Verona, that makes, supports and coordinates the whole project dedicated to the presence of ENT1 in the lagoon from 16th July. It is scheduled a third one too, organized by Ca’ Foscari University – Science Gallery, where some canvases and a site- specific installation will be exhibited. Moreover, it will host a whole concert taken from “Entanglement” album and performed by Ottodix Ensemble.

A particular artist’s sound performance and a site-specific canvas is also being hosted in one of the three headquarters of Europa Cultural Center in Venezia from the end of August.

Furthermore, the sound installation created by the environmental data from the Auckland port is being displayed at Galata Museo del Mare in Genova, as part of the international collettiva of Contemporary Art “Destinazioni”, cured by Virginia Monterverde, from 22nd July to 5TH September.

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