Inauguration of the personal exhibition “Micromega” at the Ospedale Nuovo of Sassuolo, from 25.02.2018

On February 25th, an important personal exhibition of Zannier was inaugurated at the Ospedale Nuovo di Sassuolo, which has become an authentic, very active gallery in the contemporay art scene. The exhibition, dedicated mainly to “Micromega”, is part of Arte Etica’s events, organized by ARTANTIDE, and shows for the first time two of the most gigantic Chimere realized by the artist between 2013 and 2015; “Chimera 5 – The Utopia of Perpetual Growth” and “Chimera 7 – Little Boy, the Utopia of the Atomic”.

The exhibition presents the light installation “Collision Sacra” inspired by collisions between the microparticles and 12 works taken from the digital platform, the  visionary encyclopedia online from 21 June 2017.

The exhibition is curated by Sandro Orlandi Stagl, it will last until 10 May 2018

interview with the artist
Editoriale TG Arte

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