Coming out book ” The Ghosts of Ottodix ” (001 Editions ) by Alessandro Zannier

October 2013.

Four tales of fantasy and a biography suspended between reality and fiction. Alessandro Zannier – frontman of the electro-pop band Ottodix – celebrates ten years of activity of his band through an operation that combines literature, art and music, in an esoteric and refined way. Each disturbing story is inspired, in the title and themes, by each of the four Ottodix concept-album ( Corpomacchina , Nero, Le notti di Oz and Robosapiens ). Each story develops, in an enjoyable style, the lyrics and the various atmospheres that permeate the work of the band and is supported by expressionist illustrations conceived by A. Zannier. An anthology CD attached to the book ( ” O.DIXEA ” ) is a veritable soundtrack to the short stories , celebrating at the same time – thanks to a careful choice of the pieces and the presence of some unreleased ones – the musical activity of Ottodix .

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