Movimento Arte Etica, due exhibitions for “ENT 1″: ARTantide Gallery Verona and Museo Diocesano Vicenza.

Two appointments for Zannier with the collective Arte Etica.
From 16 July to 3 September 2021 at the ARTantide Gallery in Verona, the bipersonal “Re-Genesis – Un tenue punto blu” will be inaugurated, the third of a cycle of 7 conceived by Sandro Orlandi Stagl, dedicated to the myth of genesis, with the artists Alessandro Zannier and Luigi Dellatorre. Here the catalog of the exhibition

From 4 September to 1 November 2021, however, the collective exhibition “The journey – between discovery and truth” opens at the Diocesan Museum. Zannier present with 4 canvases and the 36-meter installation “I’m the road”, inspired by the work of Kerouac.
Here is the press release of-themselves-diocesan-museum-of-vicenza-piazza-duomo-10 /

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