The docufilm “Entanglement – The strange case of a prophetic album is realised

The docufilm “Entanglement – The strange case of a prophetic album” is released on January 14, 2021, directed and edited by the same artist, in which interviews with the protagonists of the musical project “Entanglement” appear, but also with cultural experts who have intercepted the operation and who espoused the cause, such as the architect Diego Repetto and the multimedia popularizer Carlo Infante, a historical figure also of Rai, so as to make “Entanglement” a concept-flag for the Riavviaitalia platform on the post-pandemic restart . in the docufilm there are unpublished backstage from Berlin and Barcelona on the making of the album and some concerts made in unusual locations or in cultural contexts, such as the Science Fiction Museum in Turin, Casa Bossi in Novara or the concert held in Bologna with an introduction by university professors on the burning themes of the album.

Here is the link to the docufilm, previewed by Musicmap, a music publication that has included the album “Entanglement” among the 10 best albums of the year 2020.

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