“ENT 4 – Beijing/Vicenza The fourth intercontinental connection of the ENT project is hosted in the prestigious CAFA Art Museum in Beijing

on 14 March, after New Zealand, Cameroon and Brazil, the "ENT4 Vicenza/Beijing" connection was activated between two very different, fantastic museums in two very different countries and continents.
After the activation of the obelisk at the Vicenza Diocesan Museum (which also houses an incredible collection of spherical stones and minerals in its ancient rooms), the twinning with the obelisk, "ENT4 Beijing/Vicenza", sent to the Chinese capital was made and hosted at the invitation of the director of the CAFA Art Museum in the international collective "Crypto art: a new possibility", organized in collaboration with the DynamicART Museum of Milan.

Here is a press review from China






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