Double appointment in Vittorio Veneto: retrospective solo exhibition for “ENT 1 Venice / Auckland” and concert at the Teatro da Ponte

On 12 and 13 November the Municipality of Vittorio Veneto (TV) will host a double final event for the season dedicated to Alessandro Zannier’s ENT 1 project at the Venice Biennale.

From the 12th November 2021 to 12th January 2022 at the Civic Gallery of Medieval Modern and Contemporary Art (Villa Croze), the exhibition “ENT1 – Venice / Auckland” will collect all the operations born around the first twinning of the “ENT” project (direct child of the “Entanglement” concept ), from the Venice Biennale – Italian Pavilion Resilient Communities, to the University of Auckland, partner in New Zealand (which hosts the installation twinned with Venice), to the CNR ISMAR of the Arsenale, to the Galata Museo del Mare in Genoa and the works at the Diocesan Museum of Vicenza. On display not only the luminous obelisk and its 3D graphics, but also numerous canvases, some unpublished, an installation and the books, catalogs and discs that contributed to give cultural solidity to the whole project. And on November 13th we celebrate at the Da Ponte Theater with the “Entanglement” concert with the OTTODIX Ensemble – 9 elements on stage

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