ArcaVenice stage 4: personal HABITAT, BACKUP, EXTINCTION – Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa

Alessandro Zannier, visual artist and musician-in-residence 2023 for DVRI with the widespread exhibition Arca Venice, arrives at his fourth stop. The solo exhibition “Habitat, backup, extinction” opens Sept. 1 and remains open to the public until Sept. 24 at the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Sala del Camino (Giudecca).

The solo exhibition is one of the pivotal moments of the artist’s entire residency, hinging on the environmental themes also contained in his new concept album Arca. The exhibited works, of heterogeneous technique (plastic, video, digital and sound installations, canvases and graphics) are grouped around these three key topics and addressed with one eye to the global environmental emergency and with another to the fragile Venetian and lagoon territory, both from a natural and cultural and historical point of view of the city. The myth of the Ark is revived actualized by the urgency of habitat preservation, the need to back up entire geographic areas or cities and to preserve their species from extinction, considering them as a single organism made up of intertwining correlations.

DVRI Communiqué

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