Alessandro Zannier – Venice Biennale 2022 Cameroon Pavillon NFT Works exhibited:

1 – “ENT2  Venice/Yaoundé”.

Light installation (cm 60 x cm 60 h cm165), plexiglas, led and 3D animation, sonification of environmental data.

Graphic programming: Marco Marchesi

Graphic reworking and adaptation for ENT2: Paolo Corti

Sonification and implementations: Alex Piacentini

After his participation in the double role of visual artist and musician-performer, at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2021 (Italian Pavilion “Resilient Communities”) with “ENT1 – Venice/Auckland” in connection with the twin installation sent to the antipodes at the University of Auckland (NZ), Alessandro Zannier realizes the second twinning, this time with the African continent, comparing the environmental data of Venice with those of Cameroon.

ENT2 is part of a series of twin light installations that put Italy in dialogue with different continents, crossing big data on various types of pollution or human phenomena on the environment in space-time. The flow of these data, also obtained in collaboration with the Italian CNR, goes to generate, evolve and solicit a 3D animation that the artist has created, revealing the shape of the “human swarm” intended as a macro subject made of colonies of events and highlighting dynamics that lead back by analogy to biological and physical forms present on other scales in nature. The artist, who has been conducting for years a research based on concepts between science, art and analysis of social systems, shows the unprecedented aspect of the “mega man” as a “hyper object” composed of phenomena, unhinging the concept of individual “I” of the single and highlighting the collective unconscious dynamics.

Based on the contents of the concept album “Entanglement” (signed with the musical alias “Ottodix”) the project aims to make people think about the immediate correlation of individual local phenomena on a global scale, with instantaneous cause-effect on the whole system.

Thanks to its hybrid nature between digital and concrete, science and art, reality and utopia, the ENT project has been invited to participate in the NFT Pavilion with both physical and immaterial works, presenting the luminous obelisk “ENT2 Venice/Yaoundé”, which generates animations obtained from the sophisticated sonification of numerical data on pollution concerning Cameroon. In Cameroon, specularly, the environmental data set of the lagoon and Venice will be visualized.

2-“ENTsoundscape#Douala#Cameroon#3.9850001793972325#9.599545277732718” NFT work

Alessandro Zannier’s “ENT” operation also becomes a series of NFTs with videos lasting between 15 and 20 seconds that carry in their titles the precise geographical coordinates on the world map, of ports subjected to noise pollution of the seas and ship traffic. Each video has as audio the reconstruction of the noise pollution of the respective sea area and as subject an animated 3D generated by this sound. The first video in this series is “ENT Soundscape#Auckland#NewZealand” while the last one is “ENTsoundscape#Douala#Cameroon”. The overall design obtained by joining these points of the world will go to delineate a shape that will be the protagonist of a work planned for 2023. The artist, in order to compensate for the production of CO2 required for the production of NFT tokens, is carrying out a planting of fruit trees that will absorb more than twice the amount, just in Cameroon, which will contribute to the “Great Green Wall”, designed to contain the advance of desert areas towards south.


management Caterina Magnano tel. +39 335 6129330


Born in Treviso, Italy, on August 7th, 1971, graduated in painting from the Venice Art  Academy in 1996, Zannier is a visual artist, musician, songwriter and performer.

Alessandro Zannier is an atypical conceptual visual artist that has been moving with equal intensity between electronic art music and visual arts for a long time. In the recent years, he has been working on specific concepts inspired by Physics, Astronomy, Anthropocene, Historical geography and Environment realising real conceptual manifesto albums and staging specific thematic concerts with a multimedia approach that make use of visuals, electronics, a string quartet and divulgation elements concerning the topics covered. In partnership with his art dealers and the Ethic Art Movement (ARTantide Gallery), he has participated in exhibitions in three editions of Italy – China Biennale, two of those in Beijing and one in Turin, at Curitiba Biennale (Brasil), in addition to some art exhibitions in Venice, in Polo Correr (Archaeological Museum) in San Marco square and in Ca’Foscari – Science Gallery.

One of his main work features is the ability to develop the concepts of his albums both in visual arts and in writing too.

As a visual artist, he has exposed in personal and collective exhibitions and at Biennales next to artists as Ai Weiwei, Maurizio Cattelan, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Alessandro Mendini.

He has released seven albums and a collection+ a biography under the stage name “Ottodix” since 2003 and he is considered one of the cult projects belonging to the Italian electronic wave.

He inaugurated “Chimera” project in 2013, that comprises an album and several installations dedicated to the unsuccessful utopias of the twentieth century. Those have been also exposed in Berlin, Marseille, Beijing and Turin where, at Mastio della Cittadella, he installed “Chimera7”, a giant inflatable inspired to Hiroshima’s and Fukushima’s tragedies, in 2015.

He presented his new concept, along with a big installation, at Italy – China Biennale in Beijing in 2016. He performed for the Chinese television singing “Planisfera”, that anticipated 2017 “Micromega” album, accompanied by a series of exhibitions and shows ranging from Art, Physics to Astronomy.

In 2017, he released and presented a huge visionary encyclopedic platform on in Berlin, that is considered an unprecedented real web installation. An illustrated expansion through ramifications of “Micromega” album.

“Micromega” project generated exhibitions and mainly suggestive concerts staged at Biennales, theaters, forts, universities, ex power plants, deconsecrated churches and many others evocative places both in Italy and abroad for two years.

In 2020, in the middle of the Pandemic, he released the last concept album, “Entanglement”, received enthusiastically by critics, from prophetic shades about global hyper-connection and about its cause-and-effects impacts on worldwide phenomena (from Pandemics to migrations, fake news, all concerning the human impact on the environment anyway). A show with some test reruns has been realized, that is starting from September 2021 and it is being staged at theaters and in some historical places. However, the real important appointment is the simultaneous participation of this concept at Venice Architecture Biennale at Padiglione Italia (event hall), at CNR ISMAR, at Auckland University (NZ) at Genova-Museo Galata del mare and Venice Ca’ Foscari, at European Cultural Center and at Auckland University (NZ) with ENT1 project.



Forthcoming in 2022:

- Galata Museum of Sea, Genoa – solo exhibition with CNR Genoa July

- Biennale Italy

- Sweden “Le Latitudini dell’Arte 2022″ Genoa July- Museo Diocesano Vicenza (solo) December


- Venice Biennale (Art) Cameroun NFT Pavillon (“ENT2 Venice/Yaoundé” installation and NFT)


- Venice Architecture Biennale, Italian Pavilion “Resilient Communities” – Installation ENT 1 Venice / Auckland and performance- “Ent 1 Venice / Auckland” – Vittorio Veneto Vittorio Emanuele II Civic Gallery, Vittorio Veneto (TV) solo anthology on ENT 1 and collateral exhibitions- “ENT 1 ″ – CNR ISMAR Venice Arsenale – Solo- European Cultural Center, Palazzo Bembo + Giardini della Marinaressa, Venice. “Venice / Auckland” shows- University of Auckland – “ENT 1 – installation”- “Re-Genesis – A tenuous blue dot”,  ARTantide Gallery Verona – solo exhibition- “Destinazioni” – Galata Museum of Sea, Genoa – international collective- “The journey, between discovery and truth” Museo Diocesano Vicenza, collective (ArteEtica)


- “Micromega Project” – Genoa Fair Stand

- “Beyond ethics”, Archaeological Museum of Vicenza – Collective (Arte Etica)

- Release of “Entanglement”, seventh album under the name “Ottodix”

- Publication of “Live Home Series” – virtual remote concerts


- “Mental Recycling – Science Gallery, University of Ca’Foscari Venice – collective

- “50 years of the new moon” – Venice, Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, Palazzetto Tito

- “Scienza e Virgola” – festival of science and media 2019 Trieste – Concert at the Miela Theater

- Curitiba Biennial 2019, Paranense Museum (Brazil) – Collective (Arte Etica)


- “Micromega”, New Hospital of Sassuolo – personal anthology

- “Arteologia”, Archaeological Museum (Correr,) P.zza S.Marco, Venice – collective

-  Chiavenna Biennale 2018 – collective


- Release of “Micromega”, sixth album as “Ottodix”

- “Micromega Tour” 2017/2018

- Publication of “” digital visionary encyclopedic platform

- “COFFI Festival” Kreuzberg, Berlin (Germany) – presentation of the digital platform

- “Micromegaproject”, Berlin (Prenzlauerberg) Anomalie Art Club – personal + concert


- Biennale China – Italy 2016 – Being 3 Gallery, Beijing (China) – international collective

- “Breakfast in Beirut”, Villa Giovannina, Villorba (Treviso) – international collective


- “Chimera Tour”

- “Chimera 7 installation”, Biennale Italy – China, Turin Mastio della Cittadella international collective

- “Philosopher’s Stone” Installation, Biennale Italy China, Serralunga d’Alba (CU) – international collective


- “Chimera 3″, Spazio Paraggi, Treviso – bi personal with Kruno Yasprica

- “Chimera 4”, Center de Culture, Marseille (France) – solo

- “Chimera 5” Installation, Biennale China – Italy 2014, District 798 Beijing (China) – international collective

- Release of “Chimera”, fifth album under the name “Ottodix”

- “Chimere e Ucronie”, Artantide Gallery, Verona – anthological solo

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